Uterus Removal through Laproscopy Can Be Performed in India

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Surgeons in India can now perform advanced laproscopy on patients that need their uterus to be removed. The new procedure called Embryonic Natural Orifice Transumbilical Endoscopic Surgery (ENOTES) allows the removal of the uterus without the need for multiple incisions. Uterus removal is performed through a single incision on the navel. This makes the surgery less painful and also makes healing time faster. Because there is only one incision there are also less chances of infection.

In September 2008, surgeons from the Phoenix hospital in India were able to remove the uterus of a woman suffering from Adenomyosis or enlarged uterus. The procedure was performed by Dr. Vishal Gour, Dr. Anil Malik and Dr. Shivani Sachdev.

It was the first time that Laproscopy was used to remove a uterus in India. The technique is usually used to remove the kidney, appendix and the gall bladder.  Performing Laproscopy on the Adenomysis is only possible if the enlarged uterus is only the size of a four month-old baby or smaller. The surgery was performed on Suman Aggrawal, a 34-year old woman who apart from having an enlarged uterus also experienced heavy bleeding. The patient was released after only 4 days in the hospital.


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