Tunisia Aims To Develop Medical Tourism Industry

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When you think about medical tourism, Tunisia is not the first country that comes to mind. Legal restrictions, taxations and other factors have affected Tunisia’s chances of fully developing and promoting its medical tourism industry. But Tunisia is now working hard to develop a strong health travel industry. There are many restrictions that have now been abolished and soon work will start on a private hospital that will target foreign patients. Tunisia aims to become a top medical tourism destination with a combination of medical and spa services. A new international airport is also set to be completed by the end of 2009. The new airport will really help boost Tunisia’s image as a good destination for health travel. The country aims to attract patients from European and Arab nations. The hospital also aims to attract patients from Africa.

The private hospital that will be built in Tunisia will be built by the Tokushukai Medical Corporation (TMC). The hospital will initially have the capacity of 400 beds. The TMC group, the Japanese company building the hospital, is the third biggest hospital group in the world with 260 private hospitals. The TMC group is the same company that built the Tokushukai Sofia Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. The hospital had such a strong impact in Bulgaria and TMC hopes to have the same impact in Tunisia.

There are 80 private clinics in Tunisia and these hospitals can accommodate up to 2,500 beds. In 2006, there were about 72,000 patients who traveled to Tunisia from the Maghreb region and Europe.


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