Cebu Health and Wellness Council: ‘Hospitals in Cebu Ready for Medical Tourism’

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Major Cebu hospitals are ready to compete with international hospitals in medical tourism. This is according to Oscar Tuason, the president of the Cebu Health and Wellness Council. The council sees the accreditation guidelines of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) as enough to prove that the hospitals are capable of catering to medical tourists. The group believes that the Philhealth assessment book is at par with the international standards.

While Tuason acknowledges the importance of getting international accreditation, the group headed by Tuason belives that the satisfaction of the customers is what will help push the medical tourism industry in Cebu, Philippines higher. According to Tuason, ““There is no bigger accreditation than patients telling their friends about the services they received in Cebu”. The group also believes that it is important to promote the services of Cebu hospitals abroad.

The Cebu Health and Wellness Council is a group of private and government institutions whose goal is to promote Cebu as a top medical tourism destination in the world. Aside from world-class medical facilities, Cebu also has world-class tourism destinations that foreign patients will enjoy. Another advantage of Cebu over other medical tourism destinations is the cost. “We offer First-World facilities and services at Third-World prices,’ Tuason said. He added that Cebu is capable of competing with the world’s best hospitals when it comes to basic medical services as well as specialty treatments such as eye treatments, heart procedures, and orthopedic cases.


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