Kuwait Ministry of Health Considering South Korea as Health Care Destination

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The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Kuwait is looking at South Korean Hospitals to be possible destinations for Kuwaiti patients. The MoH is also considering sending doctors from Kuwait to hospitals in South Korea to train especially in the field of spinal cord surgery. MoH Assistant Undersecretary for Assisted Healthcare, Qais Al-Dowairy, said that the hospitals in South Korea use sophisticated microscopic lenses for the procedure. Al-Dowairy also noted how the hospitals in South Korea used advanced equipment and had skilled workers.

South Korea aims to become a top destination for medical tourism and is targeting foreign patients from Arab states. To foster better relationships between the two nations and to improve their bilateral medical relations, Kuwait will also be receiving South Korean doctors soon. An agreement has been carried out wherein Kuwait will host South Korean doctors that specialize in orthopedic and cancer surgery. The MoH is also considering sending doctors to South Korea for further training. This process could lead to the improvement of the specialties of doctors from both nations.

Korea expects the number of foreign patients to receive treatments in the country to reach nearly 50,000 by the end of the year. There are more than 200 hospitals in South Korea that expressed interest in providing healthcare to patients from Kuwait.


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