Infant with Protruding Heart to Undergo Rare Operation

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A child with his heart protruding from his chest was brought to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences last week. The child suffers from a rare defect of having his heart outside his chest and the doctors at the AIIMS are fighting to keep the child alive. The child was brought to the hospital from Bihar by his father Chander Manjhi. The mother was still in the hospital after having given birth by c-section when the child was brought to the AIIMS.

The father had to travel for 24 hours to bring the child to the hospital. By the time the child arrived at the hospital, the baby was already dehydrated with chances of infection. According to A.K. Bisoi, a cardiologist at the hospital, the child is suffering from a rare disease called Thoracic Ectopia Cordis, a rare birth defect involving the abnormal placement of the heart. This case can result in the heart protruding from the chest or being situated in the neck or in the abdominal cavity. The disease is rare and happened only in five to nine cases per one million births. The mortality in such cases is very high with babies mostly dying shortly after birth.

The child will undergo a rare surgery under a team of five doctors. The hospital is conducting the surgery for free because of the economic condition of the child’s parents. The surgery is not the only procedure that will be performed on the child. The treatment for the baby may take many months. Aside from performing surgery on the child’s heart, the chest wall also has to be reconstructed. If the operation is successful, it will be another achievement by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.


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