Promising Clinical Trial for Liver Cancer Conducted in Singapore

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A promising liver cancer treatment trial that was conducted in Singapore last year, headed by liver surgeon Pierce Chow of the Singapore General Hospital will be turned into a full-scale clinical trial next year. The clinical trial that will begin next year will involve 500 patients and will be conducted in 12 countries.

In the trial conducted in Singapore 35 patients were covered- 25 from Singapore, 10 patients from Malaysia, South Korea and Myanmar. The results of the study were said to be very promising. Tumors in the liver of the patients shrank, disappeared or remained stable.

The results of the trial are very encouraging for liver cancer patients especially for those who will be part of the trials who otherwise would not be able to afford getting any cancer treatments. Liver cancer is usually treated by removing cancerous cells from the liver. Only one out of every five patients is usually operated on.

Liver cancer is very fatal. In Singapore about 400 patients die from the illness every year. It is the 3rd largest killer cancer in the nation. There are at least 400 cases of liver cancer in Singapore each year. Western countries do not really pay as much attention to liver cancer because it is predominantly a disease experienced in Third World Countries. The incidence of liver cancer in Asia and Africa is higher by up to 50% than in countries in the United States or in Europe. The primary causes of this type of cancer are Hepatitis B & C which have high occurrence in Asia.


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