A medical tourism company is now facilitating affordable bariatric surgery within the United States. The Medical Tourism Corporation (MTC) is now offering patients in the North America the opportunity to undergo bariatric surgery under Dr. Thomas W. Umbach of the Blossom Bariatrics in Henderson, Nevada. MTC will help promote the services of Dr. Umbrach as well as facilitate trips of patients to Nevada.

Every year, over 2 million tourists from Japan and China go to Taiwan. This is why Taiwan is targeting Japanese and Chinese patients for its medical tourism industry. Other Asian countries are looking to attract patients from America and Europe.

Private hospitals in Jalisco Mexico are gearing up for medical tourists as they expect more US Citizens to travel to the country for medical treatments. The state government of Jalisco said it would invest up to 4.35 million pesos on the medical industry in Jalisco to make the private hospitals in the area to be up to the standards to qualify them for certifications under the Joint Commission International (JCI).

While the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) wants to push the medical tourism industry of Australia to attract high-spending foreign patients, the doctors in Australia are concerned about certain issues that may arise from attracting many foreign patients to the country. The ATEC said that Australia could be the leading health tourism destination in Southeast Asia because of the aging population of the source markets of patients for the country.

The National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) has purchased a Cytocare Robot from Health Robotics. The Cytocare Robot will be immediately installed in the hospital. This robot will be responsible for automating the preparation of IV Admixtures for Oncology at the hospital.