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Argentina Medical Tourism


Argentina has long been a top tourist destination in Latin America.  The country’s rich culture, magnificent sights and fantastic attractions have all been good reasons for tourists from all over the world to visit Buenos Aires and other regions of the country. But since the collapse of the Argentine Peso in 2002, there have been one more reason Argentina is being visited by thousands of travelers annually- medical tourism.


The strength of the Euro and the US dollar over the Peso has made medical travel to Argentina an attractive option for patients from the United States and Europe. Traveling to Argentina to receive medical treatment or to undergo surgery presents the opportunity for patients to enjoy a relaxing vacation after they have undergone a medical procedure.  The cost of having surgery in the United States can cover the expense of the whole trip to Argentina including the medical costs, air fare, hotel accommodations, and other expenses.  This is definitely a more appealing option compared to staying in one’s home country and spending the same amount of money for surgery.
One of the most popular medical fields for medical tourists is Cosmetic Surgery Argentina.   Argentina, particularly the city of Buenos Aires is world-renowned, for cosmetic surgery.   But cosmetic surgery is not the only field of medicine that has highly-skilled surgeons and medical practitioners in Argentina. There are many high-end private hospitals in Argentina that offer not just cosmetic surgery but also life-saving procedures and also highly-specialized medical treatments.  Cosmetic Surgery remains one of the most popular fields though because traveling to a foreign country allows patients to go about a medical procedure discreetly.  It helps a lot that Argentine Cosmetic surgeons have very good reputations.


Cosmetic procedures are typically 30% - 50% cheaper in Argentina than in the United States. A breast augmentation procedure, costs anywhere between US $ 1800- US $ 2,500 in Argentina. The same procedure costs a minimum of US$ 2500 in the United States.  The rates of medical procedures in Argentina are actually comparable to the rates offered by hospitals and medical institutions in Southeast Asia.  The whole breast augmentation procedure including 2-3 days stay in the hospital plus 3-4 days stay in a hotel will set you back only US $4500 excluding airfare. Abdominal liposuction only costs around US $2000 in the Argentina while the same amount only applies as surgeon’s fee in the United States.


If you are looking into visiting the famous Buenos Aires and are also interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery then it is cost-effective to have your vacation and the procedure done at the same time.

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