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Argentina or the Republic of Argentina is located in South America. It is the second largest country in terms of geography in South America next to Brazil. The country is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the East and South and by the Andes Mountain Rage in the West. The country is also neighbors with the following countries” Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile.  Argentina has one of the largest economies in the world.

The national language of Argentina is Spanish, also referred to as Castellano by Argentines. Majority of the population are Roman Catholic but there are also active Protestant communities in the country.

Some parts of the country have subtropical climate with hot humid days with occasional thunderstorms and mild, dry winters. Other parts of the country, particularly those in higher regions experience warm summers and winters with heavy snowfall.

For more information on the country, visit the official website of the country:



Just like the other popular South American destinations, Argentina has a wide range of accommodations that travelers can choose from. There is certain to be an accommodation to fit your needs and your budgets in various cities and provinces in Argentina.  Check online for special promotions or discuss accommodations with your travel agent. 


Airport Tax

The airport tax in Argentina is US$ 8 for flights to Uruguay and other countries within the region and US$ 18 for other international flights.  A security tax of US $ 2.50 is also charged for international flights.  Domestic travels are charged US $ 6 in airport tax.


Arrival and Departure

The Ministro Pistarini International Airport is located 22 miles Southwest of Buenos Aires.  It is the main gateway to the country.



The national currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso.  US Dollars, Canadian Dollar, Euros and Pounds can be easily changed in banks and authorized money changing agents in the country.


Money Changers

There are money changers in the airport, hotels and other commercial areas in major cities in Argentina. It is easy to change foreign currency to Argentine Peso provided you are changing cash. It can be a challenge to change traveler’s cheques so it is best to bring cash or a credit card/ debit card linked to the cirrus or plus network. There are numerous ATMs in Argentina with the Cirrus and Plus network so it’s fairly easy to do cash advance or withdraw money.  You can pay with dollars in some commercial establishments but the exchange rate used by such establishments may not always be the highest. It is best to change some money in the airport so you have enough money for your travel to your hotel and then go to the nearest commercial area and compare the exchange rates of the different money changers.



Almost all banks operate from 10 AM to 3 PM; Mondays to Fridays. Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks.  There are also numerous ATMs in the country to use for withdrawing money.


Credit/Charge Cards

 The major credit cards: Visa, Master Card and American Express are widely-accepted in commercial establishments in cities in the country. 



There is a wide selection of food choices and cuisines in Argentina so it shouldn’t be difficult for travelers to find an enjoyable meal in the country.  The food in Argentina is largely Spanish but the local cuisine has been influenced by various cuisines such as French and Italian as well.  Those who are looking for familiar and simple meals can always visit McDonalds. There are also high-end restaurants serving haute cuisine so discerning travelers will always find a meal to satisfy their taste buds.


Drinking Water

It is advisable for travelers to drink only bottled water when visiting foreign countries. Although water supply in major cities and towns in Argentina are safe for consumption, it is best to drink bottled water sold in stores and supermarkets.



Electricity in Argentina is at 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. Electrical outlets in Argentina usually accept two, flat-prong plugs in V shape.  This plug is uncommon so most travelers usually require adapters for their gadgets.


What to Wear

Argentines take pride in their appearance so the dress code is more formal than casual.  Most Argentines are fashionable and follow the latest trends in European fashion.  When traveling for purely leisure purposes then casual clothes are acceptable especially in resorts and hotels but make sure to bring a more formal outfit for going out to dinner or for visiting cultural sites.  Avoid wearing shorts and flip flops outside of the country’s capital and outside of the hotel or resort. Make every effort to look presentable to avoid negative attention.


Mobile Phones

To enjoy savings on phone calls and to experience convenience in making calls, it is best to purchase a prepaid Argentina SIM which you can use with an unlocked GSM phone.  Incoming calls are only charged $.41 and local rates are charged for outgoing calls.  There is no need for a contract for a prepaid SIM. A prepaid SIM can be easily loaded with credits using a phone card that can be easily purchased in stores.


Payphone Services

There are many payphones in Argentina especially in big cities.  Making local calls should be no problem for a traveler.


Postal Services

The Correo Central is the main postal service company in Argentina. There are private postal companies that also operate in the country. A letter from Buenos Aires can reach the United States between 1- 2 weeks. A letter to Europe will take 10- 15 days to arrive.


Because Argentina is a big country the easiest and fastest way to get around the country is by plane but this is also the most expensive way to travel.  If you plan to visit remote areas and have limited budget then you can ride buses. This form of transportation is very affordable although it can take overnight to travel to far-flung areas. There are numerous bus line and airlines operating in the country.   You can also travel by boat, by car and by train.


Visa and Entry Facilities

British, American, Australian, Canadian citizens and citizens from other EU countries are not required to have Visas when traveling to Argentina for business or tourism purposes provided the stay does not go beyond 90 days.


Country Code

The country code for Argentina is 54. Each city has a different international City code so check online or with the local telephone operator.


Useful Telephone Numbers

International operator: 000

National operator: 19

Medical assistance (Emergencies): 107

Information on telephone numbers: 110

Fire Squad: 100

Police Department: 111

Consumer Defense: 5382-6216/17

Tourist Police Station: 4346-5770

City Tourist Information: 4313-0187

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