Costa Rica

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Costa Rica  Medical Tourism


Costa Rica is a calm country right in the middle of Central America.  The country offers the best opportunities for medical travelers to enjoy the best kind of ecotourism and world-class healthcare services.  When patients travel to Costa Rica, they can undergo medical procedures and then spend the next several weeks in the country enjoying the sights, the sounds and the tastes of this Latin American Country.  When you undergo a surgery in Costa Rica, you can enjoy a relaxing period of recuperation. Patients also get to enjoy anonymity.


With medical costs continuously rising in the United States and in the United Kingdom, it is becoming even more appealing to visit countries like Costa Rica to avail of personal health care services and life-saving surgeries. The strength of the US dollar and the Euro over the Costa Rican Colon, make services in private hospitals in Costa Rica affordable to citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom.
There are many medical facilities in Costa Rica that offer world-class services. These private hospitals are well-equipped with well-trained staff and highly-competent doctors. Highly-trained and experienced doctors in medical facilities in Costa Rica can also speak English and other languages because of the time they have spent abroad for training. The country has, in the last decade, been preparing to accommodate medical tourists from around the world. The country’s preparation to provide world-class services is now paying off because patients are now going to the country for medical tourism.


One of the most popular aspects of medical tourism in Costa Rica is plastic surgery. Doctors in Costa Rica who practice Cosmetic are among the most competent plastic surgeons in the world. Plastic Surgeries in Costa Rica cost anywhere between 50%- 75% less than the cost of the same surgeries in the United States. A face lift which costs around US $4,000 in Costa Rica costs around $12,000 in the United States. The US $4,000 covers only the surgeon’s fee alone.  Costa Rica Cosmetic Surgery is really among the most affordable in the world.


Dental surgery is also a lot more affordable in Costa Rica in the United States. For the same amount you will spend on surgery in the United States or in the United Kingdom, you can get the surgery in Costa Rica and spend the recuperation period in a swanky hotel or resort.  A dental implant in Costa Rica costs an average of US $750, the same procedure costs around US $2,500 in the United States.


There are also Dental Spas in Costa Rica that will help you gain the best oral health possible in the lowest possible cost. Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry is also very popular because of the quality of the services provided for the very low costs.


The appeal of Costa Rican Medical Tourism is how a patient can get the same kind of service for much lower costs at much more pleasant environments.

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