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The Republic of Hungary is located in Central Europe.  The capital of the country is Budapest, a beautiful city whose panorama is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Hungary is surrounded by the following countries: Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

Hungary is a very popular tourist destination.  The country experiences hot summers with low humidity and rain showers. It also experiences snowy winters.  

The official language in the country is Hungarian but tourists won’t have difficulty communicating in major tourist spots such as Budapest because tourist workers often understand and speak English.

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There are plenty of accommodations in Hungary especially in cities such as Budapest.  There are five star hotels, bed and breakfasts, pension houses and even private accommodations.  You will surely find the right accommodation to meet your needs and your budget.


Airport Tax

There is no airport tax charged to passengers in Hungary.


Arrival and Departure

There are five international airports in Hungary: Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, Debrecen International Airport,  Sarmellek International Airport, Gyor-Per International Airports, and the Pecs Pogany Airport.. The Budapest Ferinhegy International Airport is the biggest airport in Hungary.  It is large enough to accommodate all types of aircrafts.



The national currency of Hungary is the Forint.  US Dollars, Euro and other foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and foreign exchange counters/ offices in different parts of town.

Money Changers

The first money changing booth a tourist will find in any country is at the airport. These money changing counters usually don’t offer the best rates so make sure to change only enough money to last you the day or until you can go the city to exchange your money.  US Dollars and Euros are easily exchanged. Traveler’s cheques are accepted in banks only.



Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks in Hungary. Baking hours are usually between 9AM to 4, PM, Mondays to Fridays. There are also plenty of ATMs in Hungary where you can withdraw money using your bank account card or your credit card/ debit card. Make sure to check with your bank if they have charges/ fees for offshore transactions.


Credit/Charge Cards

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are widely accepted in cities.  They are accepted in most commercial business but be prepared to pay cash for small establishments such as convenience stores and small eateries.



Most Hungarian foods are spicy and are often rich and tasty.  Small restaurants may not have English translations on their menu so it would be good to ask the food attendant what a meal contains.  Big restaurants often have English translations on their menu.  Most travelers who visit Hungary try out Goulash, a thick soup that is very popular in the country.  Travelers won’t have a hard time picking a good restaurant to eat in because there are numerous restaurants to choose from. Budapest alone has around 1000 restaurants so it’s impossible for travelers not to find a restaurant that will suit his taste.  


Drinking Water

Most countries in Europe have tap water that is safe to drink. Hungary’s tap water is safe to drink.  Of course the body requires a period for adjustment so if you’re staying for a month or two, it’s perfectly fine to drink directly from tap water as your body will get used to it in a day or two.  If you’re staying for less than a week, it’s best to drink bottled water instead.



The electric system in Hungary is at 220 V, 50 Hz AC. Electrical outlets usually accept plugs with two round pins.  If your gadget has a plug with two flat pins or some other configuration, you may need an adapter to be able to plug in the gadget.


What to Wear

It is perfectly acceptable to wear casual Western clothes in Hungary.  It is perfectly acceptable for men and women to wear the most casual and even the sexiest clothes.  Women need not worry about attracting negative attention when wearing the shortest skirt they own in Hungary. Hungary, especially in Budapest is a very open country.  You can wear practically anything you want provided of course that your outfit is appropriate for the kind of place or event you are attending.  For most days, if you just plan on touring the country, it is perfectly acceptable to wear shorts, jeans, shirts, skirts or just about anything you fancy.


Mobile Phones

Purchasing a prepaid SIM in Hungary to use with an existing GSM phone is the most convenient and affordable means for a traveler to accept and make phone calls. All incoming phone calls to a Hungarian SIM are free. Only outgoing calls are charged bases on the carrier’s rates.


Payphone Services

There are sufficient pay phones in Hungary especially in the cities. A traveler should have no trouble making phone calls.  But for convenience and savings, buying a prepaid SIM card is still the best option for travelers.


Postal Services

The postal service in Hungary is efficient and dependable.  A standard-sized letter mailed to a European destination costs 180 Forint without priority and 210 Forint with priority. There are postal offices in almost all cities and towns in Hungary.



It’s very easy to get around Hungary as transportation and traffic systems are pretty efficient. There are yellow buses that travel to neighboring towns while there are yellow and red buses that travel long distances to remote towns. These buses charge very affordable rates.  There are also extensive rail services that can take a traveler many towns and cities.  You can also choose to rent a car if you enjoy driving and if you plan to go to many destinations during your stay in the country.


Visa and Entry Facilities

U.S. and Canadian citizens can enter Hungary without a need for a visa provided the stay does not exceed 90 days. The same policy applies for citizens of the following countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Mongolia, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Seychelles, Singapore Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, countries of the former Soviet Union, United Kingdom, Uruguay and countries of the former Serbia & Montenegro.


Country Code

The international country code for calling Hungary is 36.  To know the different city codes, check a local directory or call the operator for assistance. You can also find the area code of cities online.


Useful Telephone Numbers

Police: 107
Ambulance: 104 (+36.1311.1666)
Central Emergency: 112
Lost & Found: +36.1.322.66.13
(for articles lost on public transportation)
English language hot-line: +36.1.438.8080
( 24-hour hot-line was set up specifically to help English language speakers report crime )
Phone Directory Hungary: 198
Phone Directory Hungary in English: 191
Phone Information International: 199
Budapest and Pest County for: +36.1.463.9165
Immigration and Citizenship: +36.1.463.9181
Tourist information 24 hours hotline: +36.1.438.8080

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