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India Medical Tourism

The economic growth in India and the growing popularity of medical tourism worldwide have resulted in the growth and development in the health care industries in India particularly in the private sector.  The medical travel industry has grown tremendously over the last decade with countries such as India benefiting greatly from it.  The developments in medical services and facilities in India not only help valuable foreign currency to flow in the country but have helped raise the quality of medicine in the country as well. This means that both local and foreign patients benefit from the upgrading of hospitals in India.

High-end private hospitals in various cities in India are now able to provide world-class heath care services to patients from all over the world. They are well-equipped with the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment; they have well trained-staff and experienced and expert doctors in various fields. The Wockhardt hospital in India is just one example of a medical facility that can provide world class services at affordable rates.  The Wockhardt hospital is an affiliate of Harvard Medical International and is accredited by the Joint Commission International.

Medical services from such high-end facilities are not cheap because of inefficiencies in procedures or services but because of the strength of the US dollar, the Euro and the Pound over the Indian Rupees. The attraction to undergo medical procedures in India also lies in the kind of rest and recuperation a patient can enjoy in the country. Traveling to India for medical purposes will allow a patient to receive medical treatment at affordable rates and also enjoy the sights and culture of the unique country.

There is really no reason for patients not to undergo lifesaving procedures, routine medical tests and surgery in India. India offers tremendous savings and benefits for those who visit the country for medical tourism.  Plastic surgery in Delhi India is not only affordable but is of the best quality as well.  India cosmetic surgery utilizes the best in equipments and procedures to bring only the most satisfying results to patients.

A rhinoplasty which normally costs around US $2500 in the United States only costs US $1500 in India. That spells US$ 1000 in savings for that single procedure alone. Breast Implants which costs a minimum of US $2500 in the US costs a minimum of US $1800 in India.
India Dental facilities are also competitive to dental facilities in other parts of the world, even in first world countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The best thing about visiting a Dentist in India or a dental surgeon in the country is how the costs of dental procedures in India are usually a fraction of the costs of the same procedure in first world countries.

Apart from India cosmetic surgery and dental procedures, India is capable of providing specialized medical services to patients such as: Neurosurgery, vascular surgery, digestive procedures, cardiac care and other medical procedures.

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