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New Zealand Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is an industry that is growing worldwide. The growth is being pushed by the increasing costs of medical services in the United States and some European countries. Because of the strength of the Euro and the US Dollar versus many other currencies in the globe, an American or European patient can get more value for his money when he undergoes a medical procedure abroad.


While the leading destinations for medical tourism remain South American and Asian nations, there are also some other countries outside these places that are slowly becoming popular medical tourism destinations. One of these countries is New Zealand.


New Zealand offers relatively affordable medical care compared to Europe and the United States.  The quality of healthcare in New Zealand is high and the biggest attraction of undergoing medical treatment in the country is how a patient can enjoy some of the best sceneries in the world while recuperating in a country with some of the most magnificent views. Although there is definitely an attraction to receiving affordable healthcare from Asia where the medical services are considerably lower than in the United States or Europe, there is also an attraction to being able to travel to New Zealand to relax and receive medical care.  The efficiency of services and systems in New Zealand also make for a stress-free travel.


The costs of medical care in New Zealand also remain relatively affordable compared to other developed nations. A knee replacement surgery (both knees) which would cost $ 200,000 in the United States can already cover the cost of having the procedure done in New Zealand including the travel costs. Having the procedure done in New Zealand becomes more appealing to patients because they can get more value for their money. They can enjoy a relaxing two-week vacation far away from home and the stresses of daily life while recuperating.

Aside from the cost-savings that will result from receiving medical care in New Zealand, another attraction to medical tourism in the country is how the hospitals are well-equipped and the doctors and surgeons have outstanding qualifications. So aside from the savings on cost, a patient is guaranteed superb health care.

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