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Singapore Medical Tourism

Singapore is among the first countries in Southeast Asia to realize the benefits of Medical Tourism. For the last several years, the country has been actively promoting its medical tourism industry to the world.


Today Singapore attracts up to 200,000 patients annually. The government through Singapore Medicine has been working hard to corner a big chunk of the medical tourism market.  Singapore aims to reach US $ 3 billion in revenue from the industry.


Singapore is known to be the least corrupt country in Asia and all systems in the country are efficient and benefit the citizens.  The same can be said about the quality of medical services in Singapore. Medical tourism Singapore is extremely efficient, reliable, and reputable. Singapore hospitals are clean and well equipped. Surgeons, nurses and all other medical staff are highly-skilled and well-trained.  The last several years, Singapore has been working hard to make the country the top destination for health travel.


Aside from the quality of health care services that Singapore provides, the major factor that attracts hundreds and thousands of patients is still the cost. Singapore Surgery costs considerably lower than the costs of medical procedures in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Medical prices in Singapore are 30%- 80% lower than the price of medical procedures in these two countries.


The costs of medical procedures in Singapore may be higher compared to other Asian countries but a patient can expect a hassle free operation and vacation in Singapore. Singapore is a very modern country with modern amenities and with a very low crime rate. It is the perfect place to undergo a life-saving medical procedure.


A coronary Angioplasty which can reach in US $60,000 to US $70,000 in the United Kingdom and in the United States only costs around US $11,000 in Singapore. Gastric Bypass Surgery in Singapore is only 1/3 the price of the same procedure in the United States. It costs around US $13,000 in Singapore when its costs more than US $30,000 in the United States.  A heart bypass surgery costs only US $20,000 in Singapore. The same procedure can set a patient back up to US $50,000 in the United States.


Another major attraction for patients to choose traveling to Singapore for medical travel is how it presents the perfect opportunity for American and European patients to get to see and enjoy Asia during their health travel.  Not only will patients get to save money on a medical operation, they also get to enjoy a bit of a vacation with their trip.  If a patient will undergo a major surgery then chances are the cost of having the procedure done in the United Kingdom or the United States can already cover the cost of having the procedure done in Singapore including the cost of accommodations and other expenses. This is because the Euro and the US dollars are both stronger currencies compared to the Singapore dollar.  This makes traveling to Singapore a really attractive option for patients.

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