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South Africa Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is a fast growing trend among citizens of first world countries because of the rapidly increasing costs of healthcare in these countries.  Health travel offers patients many benefits, including lower costs and the opportunity to visit a foreign country and enjoy the sights and the cultures of these countries. One destination that is increasingly becoming popular for medical travelers is South Africa. 


Traveling to South Africa for a surgery or to undergo a health care service classifies as a medical vacation because a patient will not only receive the medical treatment he requires, he can also relax and enjoy all that South Africa has to offer to tourists. You can go on a South Africa Plastic Surgery Safari, that’s cosmetic surgery and relaxing vacation rolled into one. Aside from cosmetic surgery, medical travelers are also traveling to South Africa for Cosmetic Dentistry.


Many private hospitals have state-of-the art equipment and highly qualified surgeons and medical staff to guarantee that the procedure will go smoothly and the patient won’t experience any troubles. A patient gets satisfying results at a fraction of the cost of having the same procedure done in the United States or in the United Kingdom.  Traveling to South Africa also allows a patient to have the operation discreetly. A patient can take a leave from work and come back after the operation relaxed and rejuvenated. The vacation period spent in South Africa will definitely allow a patient to relax during the recovery period.


The costs of medical procedures are more affordable in South Africa than in the United States or the United Kingdom because the South African Rand is a weaker currency than the US dollars or the Euros. This makes health care services in South Africa truly affordable.


A breast augmentation procedure in South Africa costs around US $4,100 dollars. A rhinoplasty will cost a patient around US $3,990. While these prices may seem more expensive than the costs of the same procedures done in a Southeast Asian Country, the appeal of the South Africa Cosmetic Surgery is the unique experience of traveling to such a magnificent country, enjoying the safari and other attractions that South Africa has to offer. These costs are also considerable cheaper than the costs of having the same procedure done in the United Kingdom for example where a typical breast augmentation procedure can cost as much as US $9,500.

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