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Taiwan  Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is the process by which patients travel to foreign countries for medical treatments. Medical tourism is a fast-growing industry particularly in Asia, attracting thousands of medical tourists to undergo various medical treatments and surgeries to save on costs and also to enjoy the sights and the culture that the foreign country has to offer.


Medical tourism offered patients the unique opportunity to rest and enjoy a vacation while recuperating from a medical procedure. Another reason medical tourism is gaining ground is the fact that these Asian countries often charged a fraction of the costs of medical procedures in the United States or in some parts of Europe.


The increasing costs of surgeries in developed nations are pushing patients to travel to developing countries to receive medical treatments.  The cost of receiving medical care plus travel and accommodation expenses in a developing nation usually still costs lower than undergoing the same medical treatment in the United States or Europe.


Another advantage to having the medical procedure done in a developing nation is how a patient can get the best level of service from the best surgeons and medical professionals for a relatively affordable fee.  Many of the high-end hospitals offering services to medical tourists have state-of-the art medical equipment and have medical doctors that have trained in and out of the country.  These hospitals also continuously upgrade their facilities, services and the skills of their employees.
While Taiwan is still not among the top medical tourist destinations in the world, it is one country that provides patients with outstanding value for their money. With the exchange rate proving favorable for a US citizen or a European, a patient can get the best treatments available in Taiwan and also enjoy a relaxing two-week vacation. 


A cardiac by-pass surgery that costs an average of US $ 200,000 in the United States, costs less than $ 10,000 in Taiwan. Cosmetic Surgery is also attractive in Taiwan as the total cost of the procedure only covers the surgeon’s fee in the United States or Europe.

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