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Thailand Medical Tourism


Thailand is becoming an attractive destination for medical tourists who are looking into undergoing life-saving surgeries and availing of personal health care services at affordable prices. Because of the strength of the dollar and the Euro against the Thai Baht, medical procedures can be had at a fraction of the price of the same medical procedures and services in the United States or in Europe.


Even the most high-end and technologically-equipped medical facilities in Thailand do not charge even half of what US hospitals charge.   The huge gap in prices of medical services does not translate to a huge gap in the quality of the services. Many of the private hospitals in big cities such as Bangkok offer world-class services. High-end hospitals usually have technologically-advanced equipments comparable to what private hospitals in the United States have. The surgeons, doctors and other medical staff in these private hospitals are well-trained and highly-skilled.  Many of them have had training in the United States and other countries. Surgeons and other medical practitioners also have ample experience in their field of expertise.


There are many private hospitals in Thailand that have high-end facilities and that cater to high-end clients. Although the rates that these hospitals charge are just a fraction of the cost of the services in the US and in other first world countries, these services are still expensive for the average Thai citizen.


Aside from the affordable rates of medical services in Thailand, one of the selling points of medical tourism in the country is how a patient can mix leisure with his receiving of medical services. Instead of going back to his home country after undergoing a medical procedure, a medical tourist can decide to stay in Thailand to enjoy the sights.  With the affordable prices in the country, getting in some R&R after availing a health care service would still cost much less compared to staying in the United States to avail to have receive medical treatment there.


To compare costs of having a medical procedure done in a first world country and in a developing nation such as Thailand, you can use as a price peg the costs of plastic surgery in Delhi India.  The price of plastic surgery in Thailand is almost the same as that in Delhi India but you get so much more value when you visit Thailand.  The surgical expenses are usually 20- 80% cheaper in Thailand than in the United States and in the United Kingdom.


Breast augmentation starts at US $2, 600, and this cost already includes the general anesthesia in Thailand as well as other costs.  In the United States, the surgeon’s fee alone for the procedure already costs US $3,000. The patient still needs to pay for the implants, the anesthesia, the use of the operating room and other expenses. 


Another cosmetic procedure popular in Thailand is the penile implantA penis enlargement procedure in Thailand starts at US $1,800. The same procedure can cost as much as US $10,000 in the United States.

For other areas of medicine such as dentistry, the medical procedures in Thailand still cost much, much less than in developed nations.  Cosmetic Dental Surgery costs an average of US $ 1000 in the US. The same service can be availed in Thailand for as low as $ 150 per tooth.


A complete knee surgery in Thailand costs an average of US $6000. The same procedure will cost a minimum of US $20,000 in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Cementless Hip Replacement Surgery costs around US $5,000 in Thailand. You can expect to spend at least five times that amount in the United Kingdom.


Another medical service patients can avail is growth hormone therapy in Thailand.  Human Growth Hormone can be bought in Thailand.  This hormone is said to decrease the effects of aging and gives patients strength and stamina.

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