Buttock-Thigh Lift or Thighplasty

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Thigh Buttock Lift: aka Thighplasty, Buttock Lifts, Thigh Lifts, Saddle Lifts


What is it?


Thighplasty or a thigh and buttock lift is a procedure that allows a surgeon to remove excess skin from the hip, buttock and thigh. Thighplasty is an ideal surgery for relatively fit people that have stubborn fat or excess skin in the thigh and buttock area. This may be due to genetics or due to a lot of weight loss and saggy skin in these areas.


The best candidates for thighplasty may include:


  • People that have little skin elasticity in the thighs, buttocks and hip
  • Individuals that have saggy skin in these areas, usually because of rapid weight loss or weight gain and loss
  • Thighs that look much better after lifting the loose or saggy skin
  • Individuals that are fit but have extra skin in the thigh, butt or hip area


Most people are very happy with the results of a thighplasty, which will help improve the entire body contour and will also help reduce weight slightly.


The Operation


During the procedure you will be placed under general anesthesia. Most thighplasty surgeries take place at an outpatient surgical center or hospital. There are many different ways to perform the thighplasty to help remove saggy skin or variations in the body’s contour. The surgeon will review these options with the patient before the surgery.


Many times to lift the thighs the surgeon will make tiny incisions along the outer thigh and groin to the buttock crease. Other times the surgeon will make a long incision in the buttock around the groin and across the side of the abdomen to life the thigh and buttock together. Sometimes the buttock will hide the scar following surgery.


Alternatives to Surgery


There are some other procedures including liposuction that may help reduce unwanted fat in the body. Liposuction is not likely to help improve the look and appearance of saggy skin. This procedure usually requires anesthesia as well. There are some creams and rubs that can help moisturize skin, but if you are already thin these will not likely dissolve the fat that typically creates cellulite or pockets of skin that are responsible for saddlebags.


Exercise can also help improve the appearance of the body, but it may not always help address loose or sagging skin. This is one reason procedures like the buttock and thigh lifts are so popular.


Before the Operation


Before the operation the surgeon will advise the patient to stop smoking for several weeks to ensure the body can properly heal following surgery. The doctor will also advise the patient to stop taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the risk of bruising and bleeding following surgery. Any other medications you take discuss with your doctor.


The doctor will advise you to stop eating around 12 hours before surgery but possibly longer. The anesthetist will talk to you about anesthesia before you are wheeled into surgery.


After the Operation- In the Hospital


In the hospital, the incision site will be examined, pain medications will be administered and post-operative instructions will be given. Also, each medical facility will give specific release instructions from the patient to be able to go home for the remainder of their recovery period.


After the Operation- At Home


You will need someone to drive you home following your surgery. It will help you to have someone to help take care of you for 24 to 48 hours following surgery.


Possible Complications


Complications associated with thigh and buttock surgery include complications associated with the administration of anesthesia, including a hangover effect the morning after or the risk of injury or death. Scarring is possible after any operation although the surgeon will try to minimize and hide any scarring associated with this procedure. Possible infection is another risk of surgery. Your general health may determine your risk for complications. Be sure to consult with your doctor about any concerns you may have regarding your health prior to surgery and any complications you may have questions about.


General Advice


Thigh and buttock lifts are extremely popular surgeries with many positive possible outcomes. For men and women that are generally in good shape the thigh and buttock procedure can dramatically improve their self confidence and self-esteem. These procedures help improve the contour of the body and remove excess saggy skin, fat and scars or stretch marks that may be left behind from excess weight, baggage or pregnancies.


Most patients need to wear a compression garment following the thigh and buttock lift to help reduce the amount of fluid they retain and the swelling that traditionally occurs following surgery. Often this garment will help speed recovery along and may even help reduce bruising.


Most patients find this garment also helps reduce the pain associated with surgery. If you schedule your surgery during the cooler months you will find this added layer also lends a bit of warmth during chilly weather.


Some patients find it helps to combine other plastic surgery procedures including liposuction with the thighplasty procedure. If you plan to do these be sure to mention this when scheduling your consultation with your plastic surgeon. He or she can work with you to plan the best possible combination of plastic surgery procedures to deliver the best outcome.


Estimated Costs for Thigh Buttock Lift


Thigh and buttock lift procedures vary in cost throughout the globe. You are likely to get the best possible price by doctor shopping throughout the globe. If you happen to be traveling you might find it pays to have your surgery done at a competent medical facility resort abroad.


Country Cost
USA $3,000-$12,000
Brazil $2,000-$10,000
Costa Rica $1,500-$7,000
South Africa $2,000-9,000
Thailand $1,500-$6,000

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