Liposuction Under The Chin

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Liposuction Under The Chin




What Is It?


As we age we all tend to develop sagging or looser skin. Some people develop pockets of skin in different areas. One of the more commonplace “problem” areas is the chin. Many people develop what is commonly called the “double chin”. This can also form when people gain and loose weight. The skin beneath the jaw is one simple place to accumulate fat. This is true for some people regardless of whether they are overweight or not.


Many people of normal weight will have a double chin. Sometimes the only way to get rid of the double chin is through surgery. Many people turn to surgery when diet and exercise fail. Liposuction is a targeted surgery that can help remove fat cells in very specific areas like the chin.




The Operation


Liposuction double chin surgery is one of the most effective surgeries for removing excessive fat and skin from the upper neck and the chin area. Patients typically recover very quickly and can get on with their lives. This is one of the most popular ways to remove the double chin. Often with liposuction come tightening of the chin and the neck skin.


Usually during surgery the doctor makes several small incisions in the skin. The cannula, a small instrument is then inserted into the skin. This procedure can be done under local anesthetic if performed using the tumescent technique. This typically results in less bleeding and decreases healing time. The doctor moves the cannula back and forth during the procedure, which lasts just under one hour, to help loosen and remove the desired fat cells from the region treated. It is important the doctor avoid using the cannula too aggressively as this can cause dimpling or lumping or mottling of the skin.


Some surgeons prefer manually extracting fat by cutting it out of the area. Once the procedure is complete the surgeon will close all incisions and wrap the area firmly. This helps reduce swelling and discomfort. Most patients will eat a limited diet initially to limit the introduction of bacterial in the mouth and to make eating easier.




Alternatives to Surgery


Many people attempt to lose weight to try to improve their appearance. While losing weight will generally improve the appearance and health of one overall, it does not always remove a double chin. A double chin is a commonplace problem that even thin people experience fat deposits in. Some people will attempt to tone the chin area with special chin exercises. However, regardless of whether one develops tone under their chin, if fat deposits exist they will remain there (over the muscle).




Before The Operation


Most patients are encouraged to quite smoking before the procedure to reduce the risk of infection. If patients are overweight they are counseled to lose weight. Little other preparation is necessary. Specific instructions are provided to each individual patient before surgery. The physician will review the patient’s medical history and medications. The doctor may recommend some medications are halted or a dosing schedule is changed during or following the procedure. Never make any medication changes without first consulting with your physician.




After The Operation


Following the liposuction under chin procedure most patients will recover at home over a period of two to three days. In some medical tourism communities the patient may go to a recovery center where they spend a couple of days recovering. Patients can engage in light and moderate activities as they tolerate them.


Often patients wear a special compression garment for the next few days to help keep the chin in place and to help reduce swelling. No additional care is necessary following this.




Possible Complications


Complications are possible with any medical procedure although they are rare with liposuction under the chin. The most common complications include bleeding, the risk of infection and edema, bruising and pain or discomfort.


Some patients may not get the result they expected and others may realize a reoccurring problem if they gain weight after surgery. It is important patients eat well and maintain a healthy weight following the procedure to maintain their look. Usually liposuction is combined with other procedures.




General Advice


Liposuction under the chin is a common and often uncomplicated procedure that can help reduce the appearance of jowls under the chin. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove excess fat under the chin. Typically the procedure occurs on an outpatient basis.


Liposuction is sometimes used in combination with a facelift to take years of the face, although it can be used as a stand alone treatment especially when the problem is limited to the jaw line. During the procedure the surgeon inserts a cannula through tiny incisions in the chin to help break down and then remove the fatty cells in this area using a vacuum-like device.


Some patients are treated as inpatients for one day although many can be discharged on the same day.





Estimated Costs for Liposuction under Chin


The cost of liposuction is very different from region to region. Often patients having their procedures abroad will stay in the health center for one day following surgery before release. Patients in the US may receive treatment on an outpatient basis. There is no one standard of care for all patients. Each case is reviewed individually. Because of this the costs of liposuction may vary from one patient to another. To receive the best possible price information seek a quote from a qualified health professional.


Country Costs
USA $1,400-$3,800
Brazil $400-$1,000
Costa Rica $350-$600
South Africa $400-900
Thailand $350-$900

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