Lower Body Lift Belt Lipectomy

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Lower Body Lift Belt Lipectomy




What Is It?


The lower body lift surgery, also known as the belt lipectomy surgery is one of the most dynamic cosmetic surgeries currently available. It completely changes the shape and frame of the lower body. The lipectomy surgery changes the shape and structure of multiple parts of the body including the abdomen, hips, thighs, and butt.


Among the procedures performed during this operation include a traditional abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, a thigh lift and a butt lift procedure. This procedure is commonly performed on individuals that have lost a lot of weight because patients often have a lot of excess skin that they cannot get rid of.


This surgery is also beneficial for individuals that want their skin tightened. The surgeon can perform this surgery in many different sittings or at one time. The lower body lift or lipectomy is only for patients that want all three surgeries; these include the abdominoplasty, the thigh lift and the buttock lift.




The Operation


Doctors perform this procedure under general anesthesia or IV sedation. Usually to perform this procedure an incision is made around the waist and back in a manner that creates a circumferential shape around the lower half of the body to be operated on. Each procedure is handled according to specific protocols for that surgery. A tummy tuck may involve an excision and removal of excess skin around the stomach. The surgeon will likely lift the rest of the skin into a tighter position before re-stitching the skin to the upper portion of the body. A good deal of fat and tissue will be removed.




Alternatives to Surgery


Most patients undergoing surgery will have lost a good deal of weight and will have much excess skin on their body. There are not a lot of options patients have to remove this skin. Patients can diet and exercise and become a healthy weight and still have a lot of skin hanging off of their body. This operation is one way to improve the appearance of skin after losing a good deal of weight.


There are skin tightening creams and lotions on the market and herbs that may improve skin tone, but generally these do not provide the body shaping improvements that a belt lipectomy would. There are no guarantees that any of these products will work as well as this procedure.




Before The Operation


Before the procedure the doctor and patient will discuss the patient’s desired outcome and goals for surgery. The doctor will work with the patient to decide the best surgical techniques to use to achieve the desired outcomes.




After The Operation


Most patients benefit by staying in the hospital or treatment facility for one night or two nights following surgery, or by having a health care professional monitor their progress during the first 24 hours post op because so many changes occur during this surgery. It generally takes three weeks or more for patients to get back to work and feel recovered enough to get back to daily functioning.




Possible Complications


Swelling and bruising are common complications of surgery that doctors work to minimize. Bleeding and infection may also occur though doctors work diligently to minimize the risks of both. Some patients may experience rare complications including life threatening complications associated with anesthesia or the strain on the body associated with any surgery. Doctors are careful to screen patients prior to surgery to make sure their bodies are healthy enough to tolerate surgery.


This surgery does leave massive scaring on the person receiving it. Because the surgery is so intense it is usually reserved only for severe cases where obese patients lose a great deal of weight and require surgery that will benefit their quality of life significantly.




General Advice


A lower body lift is a major surgery involving a complete overhaul of the thighs, the buttocks and the stomach. During the surgery a trained specialist will remove excess skin and fat from the body and then re-suspend the body’s fascia suspension system so the body re-establishes a normal shape and normal muscle tone.


Then the surgeon will perform a tummy tuck usually, by making an incision across the belly and lifting it by separating it from the surrounding tissues. The stomach muscles are pulled together to help tighten them and flatten the stomach. The skin is then pulled tight over this to help support this new system.


The doctor has to create a new belly button for patients once this surgery is almost complete. There are complications associated with surgery. The doctors will do everything possible however to minimize the risk associated with surgery. Blood clots are possible following surgery. There is a small risk the incision made during surgery may separate later even if closed properly, or the skin around the incision may not receive enough oxygen rich blood to live so the incision may not heal or the skin around it may die. With proper attention these harmful side effects can be prevented or minimized.




Estimated Costs for Lower Body Lift Lipectomy


The costs of surgery always vary from region and region and from person to person depending on how much weight the person lost and their overall health and general wellness. Some patients will find they can return to work after two weeks whereas others may need a bit longer to recover. Each person is unique and each surgical experience reflects that.


Country Costs
USA $20,000-$50,000
Brazil $10,000-15,000
Costa Rica $9,000-14,000
South Africa $10,000-$17,000
Thailand $9,000-16,000

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