Upper Arm Lift or Brachioplasty

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Upper Arm Lift: aka Brachioplasty, Arm Lift


What is it?


Over time many women find their upper arms begin to droop or sag, causing them to want cosmetic surgery in the form of an upper arm lift or “brachioplasty”. This type of surgery can dramatically improve the appearance of a woman’s upper body causing her to feel youthful, fit and strong once again.


An upper arm lift is a special form of surgery that can:


  • Reduce the amount of extra skin and fat on the arm especially that between the under part of the arm and the elbow
  • Help contour the arm and provide a smoother shape to the arm
  • Help provide a more toned appearance along the arm


The Operation


The arm lift or brachioplasty will help reshape the under arm from the top to the elbow to help reduce the saggy part of the arm that tends to droop down. This helps tighten and smooth the tissue supporting the arm and reduce pockets of fat in the upper arm.


During surgery,


  • First your doctor and anesthetist will provide you with medications that will help you relax and fall asleep during surgery. Most of the time patients receiving an upper arm lift receive intravenous sedation and/or general anesthesia for surgery, so you will not be awake during surgery.
  • Next your surgeon makes an incision into the inside part of your arm or back of the arm and may excise or remove some fat from the arm if you talked about this during your consult.
  • The surgeon then tightens the underlying support tissue in the arm and reshapes the internal sutures. The surgeon then replaces the skin to cover the newly shaped arm and replaces the incisions.
  • The tighter contours are now in place and it is time to bruise and heal, although bruising can usually be controlled using some arnica Montana a natural homeopathic remedy you can buy at just about any health food store.


Alternatives to Surgery


Some women find their doctors recommend they lose a few pounds prior to surgery. This may help with the reduction procedure. Other women find they opt for procedures like liposuction instead of a brachioplasty to help improve the appearance of the under arm. Regardless of what procedure you opt for your job will be to maintain the look of your new body following your procedure. Be sure to eat well and maintain a healthy diet following your brachioplasty for the best possible outcome.


Some spas offer non-invasive procedures that supposedly help improve the appearance of skin, but there are few medical claims supporting use of these procedures. Remember to talk with your doctor before you initiate any type of procedure.


Before the Operation


Before surgery you should talk with your surgeon about what you want from surgery, what expectations you have and any medical conditions you have or medications you currently take. You should also discuss any previous surgeries you’ve had whether cosmetic or other. Your doctor will review your medical history and may take pictures for your medical record.


Before surgery you may need to have lab tests and a complete medical evaluation to ensure your good health. You may also need to take medications apart from your normal regimen, and you may need to change your current medications. Some people will also have to take aspirin or other medications. If you smoke stop before surgery as this will dramatically reduce your recovery ability and may harm you during surgery.


After the Operation- In the Hospital


During the recovery phase while still in the hospital, the patient will be allotted time to recover from the anesthesia. Also, most physicians and medical facilities will have requirements that the patient will need to meet prior to their release. Also, it will be necessary for someone to drive the patient home following their procedure.


After the Operation- At Home


Once home you can rest and relax in the comfort of your natural surroundings. Hopefully you have someone near or with you to help you get around for a couple of days. If you don’t then call around, someone is bound to come by even if it is just to say hi.


Possible Complications


There are some downsides to any surgery including an upper arm lift. Many times cosmetic surgery in the adult can be a difficult decisions and often people have to weigh the pros and cons of his decision. Some of the more common complications associated with this surgery include:


  • Scarring
  • Skin loss
  • Bleeding
  • Infection in the incision sites
  • Loss of skin
  • Asymmetry of the arms or incisions
  • Necrosis (where the skin dies at the incision site)
  • Risks associated with anesthesia
  • Edema and fluid retention
  • Death (a risk of any surgery)


General Advice


If you plan to have cosmetic surgery make sure you get a good doctor. Make sure you work with someone that is certified by the appropriate certifying boards in the country you plan to have surgery, like the American Board of Plastic Surgery for example. Most people will recover well following surgery. Your surgeon may provide you with specific advice for recovery.


Remember that pain will occur following surgery. This is normal. You should be back on your feet within days, and exercising regularly within weeks of surgery. Talk with your doctor about exercising post-surgery. He or she can offer you exact guidance about the best time to exercise post-surgery. Since no two people are alike it doesn’t make any sense to throw out vague statistics.


Estimated Costs for Upper Arm Lift


The costs of an arm lift vary from country to country. You may find the price also varies from clinic to clinic within the same country so be sure to do your homework before you book your procedure.


Country Cost
USA $3000
Brazil $2000
Costa Rica $1000
South Africa $2700
Thailand $1440

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