Tooth Contouring

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Tooth Contouring and Reshaping: aka Dental Contouring, Dental Reshaping, Cosmetic Dentistry, And Restorative Dentistry


What is it?


Dental contouring and dental reshaping are procedures for repairing the look and feel of chipped, cracked and broken teeth or teeth that may be irregularly shaped. Dental contouring and reshaping can help create a more magnificent looking smile. Teeth reshaping is one of several treatments that patients can select instead of other traditional dental tools like braces to improve the shape of teeth and dental alignment. In just one day you can dramatically improve the way your teeth look each time you smile, and you will want to keep smiling.


Tooth contouring and reshaping can elongate teeth, change the color of teeth and improve the texture of teeth so teeth look more natural and healthy. When you find a good cosmetic dentist, most people won’t even know the difference between your real teeth and the expertly shaped teeth crafted by your skilled cosmetic dentist.


If you need simple minor repairs or even moderate repair to make your smile the best it can be the odds are high a combination of dental contouring and composite or porcelain veneer may be just what you need.


The Operation


Tooth reshaping and re-sculpting is somewhat more conservative than some other dental procedures. Dental reshaping does not involve removing all of the enamel on the teeth unlike other more involved procedures like placing a dental cap or crown on the tooth. Some patients do opt for dental veneers with dental tooth contouring or dental reshaping.


Alternatives to Surgery


Often dentists use dental tooth contouring and reshaping instead of traditional surgery to help change the length of teeth, the shape of teeth and to help reposition teeth to improve your bite and enhance the efficiency of teeth.


Some people find they can enhance their smile and eliminate the need for braces or other orthodontia just by taking advantage of some tactful tooth re-sculpting and shaping. Usually the dentist begins by taking x-rays of the teeth to evaluate their position and size in the mouth and tooth. The dentist will want to ensure there is ample pulp between the bone to support any changes he or she expects to make.


Next the dentist makes the teeth so they know where exactly they are to sculpt on the tooth. Remember your teeth do serve as a work of art, as a canvas. Next a dentist will begin work sculpting the tooth; any imperfections are gradually smoothed away or minimized. The dentist may use a small sanding drill to help remove surface enamel in small chunks. Then small strips may be placed back and forth between the teeth to change the sides of them. Teeth are lastly finished and polished to give them luster. Usually an entire polishing, contouring and reshaping process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days to complete.


Before the Operation


Your dentist may help you secure financing for the procedure and go over your options with you during the procedure so you have time to think about it and make an informed choice about your dental care. Remember with porcelain veneers you have no more diaper training, no more scattered toes nary here no there, and a lot more free time to take an extra nap or two during the day.


After the Operation- At Home


Once home you can kick back and relax for a short spell. The chances are high you won’t be feeling to bad unless you ran into a surgical snafu or as luck would have it you are having an allergic reaction to something… not! Tooth reshaping is one of the safest and most conservative ways to improve the look and feel of any tooth. Many people find when they combine their veneers with some tooth shaping they are dramatically excited about the improvement in their appearance.


Possible Complications


There are some complications with any smile including the risk of chipping a tooth or the risk of weakening teeth which happens with time and as teeth begin to slowly erode. Often dentists will attempt to strengthen the weakened underlying teeth. There are many ways to do this; one of course is by applying veneers to the teeth. This will not only strengthen teeth but will also improve the structure of teeth by allowing a custom-cemented plastic coating to cover and protect the teeth for a few months at a time.


General Advice


Tooth contouring and reshaping is an affordable option for anyone interested in improving the look and feel of their smile in a relatively painless, simple and inexpensive manner. You don’t have to necessarily go “under” or have complicated surgery to improve your smile when you decide to have dental contouring performed.


While tooth contouring is beneficial, it is not perfect. It is not ideal for severely damaged teeth. It does have limitations. If a dentist is not properly trained and takes off too much enamel he or she can severely damage your teeth. Most of the time dental insurance will only cover this type of procedure if your tooth is broken or malformed because you suffered a severe trauma. So consider the out-of-pocket expenses involved in tooth breakage and repair before having your tooth contouring session.


Estimated Costs for Tooth Contouring and Reshaping



Country Cost
USA $50-$350
Brazil $50-150
Costa Rica $50-150
South Africa $50-300
Thailand $59-100

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